Empa-Akademie, Dübendorf, Switzerland
September 25-26, 2024

Dr Olivia Ashton 

Avantama AG (Switzerland)

Printing of Perovskite Quantum Dots for Next Generation Displays

Abstract :

At Avantama AG, we focus on perovskite quantum dots (pQDs) for display technologies – their high photoluminescence quantum yields in combination with narrow emission widths and high absorption coefficients are unbeatable by other quantum dot technologies. Commercialization of pQDs in display technologies is not without its challenges, but there is large scope for pQDs to boost efficiency, colour gamut and brightness of LCD, OLED and micro-LED products. In this presentation, I will give an overview on the commercialization of pQDs for displays and highlight the progress of ink jet and EHD printing of pQDs for their applications in next generation displays.

Bio :

Olivia earned her PhD at the University of Oxford researching perovskite quantum dots and went on to a post-doctoral position at Empa in Transmission Electron Microscopy. Moving to Avantama as a Materials Chemist in 2022, she now focuses on getting perovskites into a commercial product.