Buchs (SG), Switzerland
September 5-6, 2022

Dr. Marja Vilkman 

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Novel materials and processing methods for solid state batteries

Abstract :

Solid-state Lithium-Metal Batteries (LMBs) are foreseen as enablers for safer-by-design and higher energy density post-Lithium-ion electrochemical energy storage 2.0 solutions. As LMB-based materials are (at least in part) different from the ones currently used in state-of-the art Li-ion Batteries (LiBs), this is creating a technology push to adjust processing methods for manufacturing Generation 4b batteries. Shifting paradigm from LiBs to LMBs is also calling for major improvements of their lifetime as their interfaces are (i) prone to degradation or (ii) can suffer from dendrite growth or contact loss.

In this presentation, we will introduce the use of self-healing methods to increase the lifetime of LMBs. In addition, we will show how the novel materials can be processed with roll-to-roll methods in a sustainable way.

Bio :

Marja Vilkman has been working at VTT with functional materials and their processing for 20 years. Her previous works includes organic solar cells, organic transistors, and various printed and flexible electronics processing methods. Currently she is focusing on development of next generation batteries.

Marja is the coordinator of two European battery projects, HIDDEN and SOLiD, which are developing novel materials and processing methods for solid state lithium metal batteries.