Buchs (SG), Switzerland
September 5-6, 2022

Mr. Tobias Lamprecht 

OST University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland Campus Buchs, Switzerland

Digital Printing Development for Industrial Applications

Abstract :

The work described herein is a system engineering approach to develop customer specific printing technologies for industrial application. Digital printing approaches are beneficial in various applications and enable better process control, more design freedom, higher efficiency, novel materials and replace therewith existing conventional processes to enable advanced products. Ink formulation, printing process and substrate modification are co-developed to yield stable process windows. Certain applications require microfabrication-based development or modification of custom inkjet heads to meet the customer's specific goals.

Bio :

Tobias Lamprecht is Professor for Microtechnology at the OST University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland since 2020 with a focus on micro-integration, miniaturization, and precision material deposition. Previously, he was with vario-optics AG, Heiden for ten years as CTO working on photonic integration based on embedded optical waveguides. He earned his Ph.D in 2011 from University of Twente, The Netherlands, and worked during this time at IBM Research in Zurich on optical interconnects. His background is Systems Engineering, Microsystems, and Optical Systems gained during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences NTB, Buchs, which is now OST.