Buchs (SG), Switzerland
September 5-6, 2022

Ms Marilys Blanchy 


Design of functional material through the use of 3D printing for medical devices applications

Abstract :

A new generation of medical devices are required to meet the expectations of a growing and ageing population, being less invasive, better comfort and improvement of life quality. To meet these requirements, new products are developed being bioactive biofunctional and bioresorbable. Thoses devices have new functionalities allow for replacement as well as regeneration and repair of the living tissue. To obtain those devices, not only new materials are required but also new processes to allow complex shape, porous and connected devices. Many development in tissue engineering imply the use of the electrospinning process or 3D printing as additive manufacturing processes. Through a concrete case study, the lastest recent advances will be presented in the obtention of 3D scaffold suitable for bone regeneration.

Bio :

Marilys Blanchy graduated diploma as engineer in polymer science in 2009 from the Engineering school of Chemistry and Physics of Bordeaux. She integrated Rescoll as Engineer in Advanced Materials in the department of Medical Devices Research and Development. Currently project manager of several Europeans projects in tissue engineering applications Sshe is leading the R&D activities in medical devices and she is in charge of the development of innovative processes and materials for medical devices applications.