Buchs (SG), Switzerland
September 5-6, 2022

Dr. Vinzenz Bissig 

Essemtec AG, Switzerland

Jetting of liquid metal

Abstract :

Liquid metals as thermal interface materials are a preferred solution to overcome overheating problems in the thermal management of components. In this research we tried to jet liquid low melting point metals. Changes in the material properties compared to a standard jetting and dispensing paste are enormous: at least the double density, more than 10 times higher the surface tension, change in rheologic characteristic (liquid metal as a Newtonian fluid versus the shear thinning suspensions). The results show that the indeed it is possible to jet liquid metal with certain limitations.

Bio :

Dr. Vinzenz Bissig studied material science at ETH in Z├╝rich and in his PhD @ EMPA he investigated nanostructured Ag-Cu filler metals. He has than 10 years industry experience in joining technology and electronic manufacturing. At Essemtec AG his responsible for further development in dispensing mediums e.g., with novel materials.