Patrick Barkowski

Inuru GmbH

Fully ink-jet printed, air stable OLEDs
for signage & packaging applications

Abstract :

While the figures of merit for inkjet printed (IJP) OLEDs lag behind those of vapor processed devices, the immense potential for savings, in terms of material consumption and processing costs, means that such devices are of huge commercial interest for mass production in applications where unit cost and architectural freedom dominate – namely in advertising and packaging signage. Over the last 5 years, Inuru GmbH has developed the requisite inks and technical know-how to fabricate fully inkjet printed OLEDs, processed entirely under ambient air conditions, with device efficacies and lifetimes sufficient for sales increasing smart and active label and packaging applications. Initially providing custom packaging and label solutions to customers, Inuru now opens their data on the ink formulations for printing the constituent OLED layers from industrial piezo ink-jet printheads. Besides emissive inks, we have developed air processable hole transport and electron transport layers with high and balanced hole and electron mobilities (both ~10-4 cm2 / V-1s-1), respectively. The development gave insight into main issues regarding processing and operation of organic materials under oxygen and water influence.

Bio :

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