Prof André Studart

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

3D Printing of Biologically-inspired Materials

Abstract :

Biological materials like wood, bone and teeth exhibit heterogeneous architectures that are tuned to fulfill the functional demands and mechanical loading conditions of their specific environment. Because they often combine attractive opposing properties such as strength and low-density or stiffness and wear resistance, these heterogeneous architectures can potentially address several of the technical limitations of artificial implants or composites in general. However, current man-made manufacturing technologies do not allow for the level of composition and fiber orientation control found in natural heterogeneous systems. In this talk, I will show that 3D printing routes offer an exciting pathway for the fabrication of biologically-inspired materials with unprecedented heterogeneous architectures and functional properties.

Bio :

André R. Studart is Professor for Complex Materials at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He is a materials scientist with BSc and PhD degrees from the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, and post-doctoral experience at ETH Zürich and Harvard University.