Dr. David Sessoms

Optomec, Inc., USA

Low temperature processing of conformal printed sensors and antenna

Abstract :

Aerosol Jet® printing is a non-contact, maskless deposition process capable of creating sensors, antenna, and printed circuitry. A common desire is to use injected molded plastic parts as substrates for these features. However, most inks require a thermal processing step to functionalize the printed ink, which can severely limit the choice of substrate material.

We will describe a vapor assisted sintering process capable of producing highly conductive silver features at temperatures as low as 80°C, thus compatible with common plastics like ABS. Additionally, we will present results on continuous wave laser sintering of inks such as copper and silver, and describe the challenges and advantages of this method.

Bio :

David Sessoms received a B.S./M.S.E. in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, USA, and a Ph.D. in soft matter physics from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He then completed postdoctoral appointments at Universite Rennes 1, France, and Cornell University, USA, working on microfluidic and sensor applications.

He is currently applications engineer at Optomec, Inc., where he specializes in using Aerosol Jet technology to create conformal printed electronics on three dimensional parts.