Dr. Kurt A. Schroder

NovaCentrix, USA

The Role of Designed-In Sensing and Calibration for Photonic Curing

Abstract :

We will explore the transition of photonic curing, which was little more than a curious effect 15 years ago, to a widely used industrial process. Chiefly, this has been possible through the development of all the subsystems built around the flashlamp, which is the core of a photonic curing tool, to make it reliable and repeatable.

Bio :

Joining NovaCentrix in 2000, Dr. Kurt Schroder is Chief Technology Officer. Kurt is the inventor of the photonic curing process which is incorporated within all PulseForge tools as well as numerous supporting technologies. Kurt has over 25 years experience in plasma physics and pulsed power and has worked in industry, government, and academia. He has nearly 20 publications, 28 US patents, and >25 foreign patents in diverse technology areas. Kurt is a two-time recipient of the prestigious R&D100 award which recognizes the best 100 inventions in the US each year. He was named 2012 Inventor of the Year by the Texas State Bar. He is also the inventor of the antivibration technology contained within most hammers sold in the United States, with sales exceeding $2B. Kurt holds an S.B. in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.