Ms Maria Stewart

Plastics Innovation Competence Center (PICC), Fribourg, Switzerland

Novel Bio-based Polymers: Changing the Plastics Paradigm

Abstract :

Fossil-fuel based plastics are beneficially impacting the functioning of society in an unprecedented way. Never the less plastics materials are strongly criticized for unprecedented global plastics pollution mainly in relation to packaging products. Bio-based smart plastics however are a future way forward to not only enhance the performance of plastics but also their renewable and their environmentally friendly character. A few examples of such novel synthetic plastics are presented, which can equally enhance the application space of additive manufacturing.

Bio :

Being for years in finance, MBA graduate, I started to be interested in bioplastics in 2015, since then I have been constantly evolving in the plastic world full of challenges and grounds for action: littering, global warming, land use, infrastructure, recycling, composting, etc.
Beginning 2019 I joined Plastic Innovation Competence Center in Fribourg in charge of relationships with customers and partners and exploring “research to industry” challenges.

In 2016 I founded BO Sens, Switzerland, it’s activity in fully dedicated to the promotion and distribution of bioplastic products as well as public and professional training. Plastics language is not always comprehensive, I am trying to shape and visualize scientific & industrial concepts into forms that could be easily understood by the public and communities and business.