Dr Sergii Yakunin

ETH Z├╝rich, Empa, Switzerland

Micro-printed unicolour metal halide perovskite quantum dots as radiative-lifetime-encoded security tags decipherable by time-of-flight cameras

Abstract :

Traditional fluorescence-based rely on primitive pattern matching and visual identification; additional, covert security features such as fluorescent lifetime or pattern masking are necessary if fraud is to be deterred. Herein, we present an electrohydrodynamically printed unicolour multi-fluorescent-lifetime security tag system composed of lead-halide perovskite nanocrystals. We show that unicolour or matching emission wavelength materials can be prepared through cation-engineering, and that these materials can be successfully printed into fluorescence-lifetime-encoded-quick-read (FLQR) tags that are protected from conventional readers. Furthermore, we also demonstrate that a portable, cost-effective ToF-FLI prototype can also decipher these codes.

Bio :

Sergii Yakunin obtained PhD degree from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2007. 2008 - 2013 years worked as a PostDoc in JKU Linz, Austria in Prof. Wolfgang Heiss group. In 2013 he joined as a PostDoc the group of Prof. Maksym Kovalenko in ETH Zurich, Switzerland where he is a Senior Research Associate (Oberassistent) since 2018.
Research interest cover area of optoelectronic properties and sensing applications of novel materials, such as lead halide perovskites and semiconducting quantum dots. The main achievements are the discovering of perovskite hard radiation and optical full-colour photon detectors; discoveries of thermographic properties of low-dimensional metal halides and optical gain (lasing) in perovskite nanocrystal films.